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The Diaper Bag


It’s so unassuming, just sitting there by the door.  An inanimate object that carries more than just spare clothes, toys and snacks.  The things it’s seen, the memories stained into the worn fabric.  It changes with the child, stretching to accommodate larger clothing, diapers and a growing collection of play things.  It comes in all shapes and sizes, brands and materials, sometimes there are more than one, we’ve gone through three, but it’s always by our side.

Yes, this is a post about a diaper bag.

I was looking out ours recently, a gray and green backpack, and it made me thing about how fast time goes by and our babies grow up.  It only seems like a few days ago it held burp cloths, spare onesies, tiny diapers, a nursing cover and teething rings. Now the diapers barely fit in their pocket, the inside is stuffed with a books, “big kid” clothes, various snacks, a sippy cup and toys with lots of buttons.  Every so often I have to dump everything out and remove those things that are no longer needed.  It’s like a step into the not so distant past and look at the all to close future.  Her clothes will keep growing, the snacks change and diapers slowly disappear.

One thing I was told constantly while pregnant was to treasure everything because I will miss it.  Well, I’m not going to miss the sleepless nights, the screaming in the car seat, refusal to eat, or spit up.  I will miss my little baby snuggles, those adorable baby talk words and tiny clothes, but I’m keeping myself in the moment and enjoying how she finds joy and wonder in every new discovery, and dream with her about how far she will go.

She’s growing up, the stuffing of her diaper bag changing, but it’s all part of the adventure.