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The Toy Box Purge

​Took advantage of daughter’s nap time a few days ago and purged her toy box. I collected a bunch of things that should have been thrown away, items “stolen” from the kitchen or bathroom and extra stuffed animals.  The interesting thing about this box full of toys bound for the donation bin is, they are all mine.

I’m a sentimental pack rat. When I was packing up all my belongings in preparation for moving after I got married I kept every toy that I still liked. (Yes, 22 years old and I still had toys I liked.) My thought was “Oh, my kids can play with these someday”, little did I know just how many toys my first child would collect within the first two years of her life.

I tend to hang on to every little thing that meant something to me.  Most of these animals were stocking stuffers or gifts in my Easter basket. I enjoyed them all as a child. I loved them as a child. They were my favorites as a child. I’m not a child anymore and my child has plenty of toys and stuffed animals. It’s time to let another child enjoy these. Letting go of things from our past can be hard, especially when they were once precious to us, but if we don’t want to be ruled by stuff we own there comes a time when we have to let them go.

I’ve been reading Maria Kondo’s boom The life-changing magic of tidying up”, and though I don’t believe the objects we own have feelings, their is one practice she has in her book that I have found useful, and that is thanking a possession before you let it go. Like I said, I don’t believe things like toys, clothing and books have feelings, but thanking something for once bringing me joy before saying goodbye has helped me let go of stuff I was only keeping for loose sentimental reasons. Something about saying it out loud helped me not feel guilty for getting rid of it (and rejecting thoughts of, “but so-in-so gave me that”, “it would be a waste” etc.).

Most of the time my daughter’s play area does not look this nice.  I get to it maybe a couple times a month and really tidy it up.  Out of all the messes is my life, my child’s toys scattered around or mixed up doesn’t bother me, it actually makes me smile.  We do live in our house with an active two year old, toys all over the place is just evidence to life being lived.

What are some of your mommy purge stories?